September 9, 2013


I don't know if anyone else has noticed, but food trucks in Provo right now seem to be all the rage. There's waffle trucks, BBQ trucks, Pizza trucks, and I'm sure there are plenty more I don't know about! I've talked about this particular place before, but really, you need to try it. Fiore Pizza. They're like Waffle Luv, where they post their location on Instagram. So, Follow them @fiorepizza.

This past week was super crazy for me at work, and one night I sent the picture of their post to Tan, and it happened to be the famous duck pond at BYU. So, we met for dinner, because I didn't want to cook, and it was just really convenient. Last time, we got the New Yorker (?)Something to do with New York.. and it had pepperoni, and sausage, and maybe spinach? It was divine. Then, we had their special that was a pork something. I'm not giving a very good review if I can't even remember! But, the special last week was sweet corn & bacon. uh huh... MMMM. Then, we also got a Margherita, that did not dissapoint. The point of this post is to GO TRACK THEM DOWN. Really good. It's wood Fired pizza, and Tanner describes it as "chewy" crust. Which I get what he means, because it is, but I don't know if it sounds appealing? But IT IS.

Last weekend was Labor Day weekend which is always nice. On Saturday we drove up to Midway with Morg and Mckay, walked around Swiss Days, had delicious Scones, went to Brittany and Brady's house (Shelley's sister), watched the BYU game, went to Dairy Keen for dinner, and stayed out late playing board games. Tanner and I could've passed out at 10:30, but we stayed strong! It was such a fun night!

Monday we went to the Traverse Mountain Outlets with Madeline and Andrew and had a gay ole time! We actually ran into Brim & Scott! They were looking for ENGAGEMENT outfits! :) I just love it. We then went to the Riverwood's, and had some yummy sliders at Marley's! Ok.. I promise I cook, and we don't always eat out. It was a holiday weekend!! 

Emily Clifford is in Jerusalem right now, and before she left, we got together at JCW's to say our farewell's. 

(let's not talk about my 5-day-J-LO-bun hair)

 The next morning was Tan's first day of school! I had to be in Park city by 7 for a golf tournament, so I felt so bad not packing a yummy lunch, a gourmet breakfast, etc. I think he survived though!
That would be Dr. Zylstra, to you.

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