September 3, 2013

Birthday Boy

Tanner's Birthday was last Tuesday, the 27th. On Monday night, we went to The Quarry, a rock climbing place in Provo, with our friends Riley and Jacqueline. Tan and Riley lived together while we were dating, and then they started dating when we were engaged. It's been fun to be able to hang out with them! 

We went on a little fun date for Tanner's birthday, and I think we had too much fun! It's like a cool hang out for rock climbers I guess. They're straight up hard core. Upstairs, you don't use a harness and just climb, and it's way too funny!

this picture has nothing to do with his birthday, it was after I colored my hair darker, but I like it. 

We love kissing pictures, jk.

Booty Tap.

i have monkey like features.

or apes

Tuesday morning, I made breakfast in bed, and went to work 30 minutes late. It's nice when you have overtime to catch up on! Then I came home from work a couple hours early, and I thought Tanner would be home, so I waited, ringing the doorbell with balloons. He called me when I was in the house, and I talked real quiet, and said I was in the bathroom at work. Well my trick worked, because he said he was at the mailbox, and could tell he knew nothing about my plan. So, I was running around the house/tip toeing, and was trying not to breathe too loudly, and jumped out of the closet! It was a classic trick. I loved that it actually worked. 

Then, we went to Outback with the fam, and Scott and Brim came over with ice cream! So glad they're back in Provo with us! And, that they're ENGAGED! It's the happiest thing that could ever happen. Best Friends and Best Friends? One word, Awesome. So happy for them.

I love that Tanner of mine. Cheers to 23!

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