August 18, 2013

World Travelers Part 2 -Vegas

We went to Vegas last weekend for one of Tanner's cousins' wedding. It was at the World Market, which was beautiful, and so was the sealing. 

We stopped at Dom Demarco's, the best pizza ever, seriously, on Sunday before our drive back to Provo. We had that pizza when my sis Kodi used to live in Vegas, and their meatballs for an appetizer, the pizza, and a cannoli for dessert is the best meal you can ever think of. Everyone needs to go next time you're in Vegas.

In St. Geoge we realized there was a nail in my tire. It seemed very small, so we thought we would be fine. Then we pulled over to see if anything was open, and it wasn't (already 10pm). So, we made it, thankfully with a help with the big man above, and got my tire patched the next morning. When he took out the nail, it started deflating so quick! We were seriously lucky. 

This weekend was the first time I straightened my hair in forever. I think the last time was Ashlie's wedding dinner! And, it's stayed the same length!! :( My hair used to grow like a weed. My hair texture, and everything has changed because of lovely birth control. My hair falls out so quick, and it makes me cry. Don't worry though, I'm poppin lots of pills! 

This last week, it was take your Husband to Work day. JK. But Tan came to the office with me on Thursday, so he could shadow a dentist on Thursday, and came with me to Melissa's house on Friday. It's been so fun to spend so much time together lately, especially during the day. In fact I had a break down the other day thinking about school starting so soon. Anyways, I just love my bud.

The End. 

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