August 28, 2013

Just Peachy

Last Thursday evening, we went on a stroll for dinner, because when family comes to town, and we've been out of town, I become a slacker at grocery shopping! As we were on our drive to Cafe Rio, our usual choice when we're looking for something cheap, we noticed the Thursday Farmer's Market, across the street from the stadium. I love me a good Market. And, I've never been to any of the Provo ones, sadly! Tanner spotted a Wood Fired Pizza Truck (Since those are theee new things in Provo) and we knew we had to stop! We got a delicious pizza from Fiore Pizza, one for $10, and got a FREE one, because it was a "display" one that had sat out for 30 minutes. Hey, it was free, and they stuck it back in the oven! Not complainin. So, yes, we ate for 10 smackaroos that glorious Thursday night. And, you need to follow Fiore on Insta, because it gives their locations for the week, and it's worth tracking them down! They also cater, and I'm trying to come up with a good reason to host another party. But come on, we all know that isn't too hard for me! :)

As we were walking to our car at closing, a lady that was selling peaches said to me, "I have a 12 pound box left of peaches, if you want some?", So I of course asked how how much, and she said $5!!! I was sold. I mean look at those! So, obviously I should have only taken like half the box, but I couldn't resist.  

We got home that night, and made peach jam together! Mmmm! I always remember peeling the peaches, when we made jam when I was younger, and was amazed when I could just boil them for a minute, and that the skins just literally peeled off in one piece!

Then I blended them up, we like it chunky, and we even added more chunks to the jars! :) 

I used 14 peaches, and I still had this many left!

Jam setting until morning...

I made Peach Cobbler on Sunday, and it was amazing with those juicy, yummy peaches!

August 18, 2013

World Travelers Part 2 -Vegas

We went to Vegas last weekend for one of Tanner's cousins' wedding. It was at the World Market, which was beautiful, and so was the sealing. 

We stopped at Dom Demarco's, the best pizza ever, seriously, on Sunday before our drive back to Provo. We had that pizza when my sis Kodi used to live in Vegas, and their meatballs for an appetizer, the pizza, and a cannoli for dessert is the best meal you can ever think of. Everyone needs to go next time you're in Vegas.

In St. Geoge we realized there was a nail in my tire. It seemed very small, so we thought we would be fine. Then we pulled over to see if anything was open, and it wasn't (already 10pm). So, we made it, thankfully with a help with the big man above, and got my tire patched the next morning. When he took out the nail, it started deflating so quick! We were seriously lucky. 

This weekend was the first time I straightened my hair in forever. I think the last time was Ashlie's wedding dinner! And, it's stayed the same length!! :( My hair used to grow like a weed. My hair texture, and everything has changed because of lovely birth control. My hair falls out so quick, and it makes me cry. Don't worry though, I'm poppin lots of pills! 

This last week, it was take your Husband to Work day. JK. But Tan came to the office with me on Thursday, so he could shadow a dentist on Thursday, and came with me to Melissa's house on Friday. It's been so fun to spend so much time together lately, especially during the day. In fact I had a break down the other day thinking about school starting so soon. Anyways, I just love my bud.

The End. 

August 14, 2013

World Travelers-Part 1 (Montana)

So I am officially the worst updater(?) ever. This was from not last weekend, but the one before. We were lucky enough to spend the quick weekend in Montana with our friends Madeline and Andrew, and Madeline's family at Hebgen Lake. Just past the Idaho border. It was a serious blast. We wish we could've had one more lake day! And man... I grew up going to the lake almost every weekend, and multiple times throughout the week in the summers, and my husband totally showed off. He's never wakeboarded, wake surfed, anything. I should just stick to dancing and planning parties, eh? I just like to make fun of myself also.. See below 

such a cute couple, we know.

Finally I showed him I actaully have done this before.

Ya, a huge moose.

Please look at Madeline's face.. "i'm hurting...i'm hurting!!!"

stud muffin

I mean...he even did jumps. 

We were loving all of the huckleberry! Ice cream sandwiches were theeee best.

Night on the town! :)

I got implants for the weekend. 

Sunday we drove around Yellowstone, and I had never been! Nature is so beautiful.

And, my pictures are out of order. But, i'm too lazy to fix them at the moment.


Oh ya...that's some serious business.

My love.

Yummy PB&J's on the way home!

30 minutes till home, and we got a rock chip! Yay! When i got it filled, it cracked even more? Is that allowed? So now its a squiggle, and we are waiting until we absolutely have to fix it! :)

But the sunset that night made everything more perfect. 

We loved the star gazing at night, the good food, experiencing new things together, and driving for hours together just chattin and being silly! Thanks Madeline and Andrew for the invite! Love ya!

It's late, but I just couldn't go to sleep without posting! Sorry for being lameeee.


August 2, 2013


I got back from Newport on Sunday, and waited for Tanner to get back on Tuesday. It's funny that you can miss someone so much after spending a week, every minute with them, and then being apart for 2 days is killer. Luckily my mom happened to be in town and stayed with me/us this week. Because, we all know how I slept alone last time.... eek.

We are leaving for Montana this evening to go to Madeline's families cabin, and we can hardly wait! Even though we will be spending majority of the time driving, it's fun for another get away!

I will post more pictures later, but for now, here are some from my most favorite day! We went paddle boarding by Balboa Bay, had a huge seal scare us, swam in the ocean after, and got some tan skin! It was a great day!

he's a stinker sometimes!