July 16, 2013

Past Week

This past week, and weekend was another good one. On Thursday we went to the Orem Owlz baseball game with our Pass of all Passes..seriously love those things. I was wearing a white shirt, and it was raining..so for the courtesy for everyone else, I wore a hat so it wouldn't be a total white t-shirt contest, although...I'd love to participate! JK.
While I was at Costco picking up things for the office, I totallllly got caught. But, I'd say it was pretty worth it.

We went to Seven Peaks on Saturday, and it was seriously the brightest day ever.
Couldnt.Open.the Squinters.
Once again, love Pass of all Passes. I swear they were made for married people so you can go on fun, free dates. AND! We got $40 back to Wal-Mart. Score.

We then got dressed up to try Black Sheep Cafe, but it was an hour wait, and we had a dollar movie to catch! So it resulted in Cubby's, which is always a great choice.
On Sunday we went to Tanner's Mission President and wife's Homecoming! It was so great to finally meet them! They are such sweet, incredible people. And, they invited all of us into their home for food! My kind of party!
Now if this week could please stop taking its sweet time, I'd really like for it to be Thursday for our work potluck to be over, for Brooke, Rob & the kids to be here, and for us to leave for Newport the next day!!!

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  1. I LOLed at the wet tee shirt contest. Love my little love birds. You look smokin in ever pic.