July 10, 2013

Let's take it to the beach beach..

We got back on Sunday from the annual 4th of July, Carlsbad trip. The day we go home has seriously always been the most depressing day of the year growing up. It was a blast, and seriously couldn't have been any better. Instead of rambling on, I'll let the pictures do the talking...

Brunch after church on Sunday

Finally at the beach

Tuesday was cloudy and cold :(

Wednesday, the 4th, turned out to be the best day. Super sunny and beautiful

Shell Bell

That one time I turned my husband into a mermaid, and he asked for boobs...

Fourth of July we spent the night at our new condo this year, not on the beach, which we thought was so horrible, until we found our own personal Hot Tub, grass area inside that cute white fence. It ended up working perfectly for the grandkids, and it wasn't even 10 feet from the public stairs. Score! Love it.

We had hot dogs, Diet Coke, and s'mores like true American's! Watched fireworks on the beach, and celebrated with pop it's and sparklers!


Roman has me wrapped around his little finger!

Not the greatest night time pic, but it sure was a party!

These two.

Our last day :( And that picture ^^ is for our new album cover! haha

We don't see each other all of the time, but when we get back together for the 4th, it's like no time has passed at all.

Saturday morning the fam went to Ruby's for breakfast, and moved our suitcases over to the Sheraton we had for the night. 
Us sisters showed up in matching skirts! 

We then headed back to the hotel for Rogers shirts, lots of pictures, and Minute to Win It games!

Literally killin it.

The Ry dawgs

Go Gram!

We are pretty fun peeps

Happy 61st Anniversary! Forgot to add that...that's why we  headed to the hotel, because my parents flew them in for an Anniversary/Reunion/shin dig/party!

We then took 30 minutes to rest, pictures make you tired! Got dressed, and went to a nice seafood restaurant. With Creme' Brulee for Dessert! :)

my mom made this cute thing!

We all emailed my mom with things we remember my grandparents by, or little words that remind us of them, etc. My grandpa was in tears when he saw it! It's pretty special. 

We then left the next morning after another yummy breakfast, and that was that. Such a great week, as always! Thanks mom and dad!

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