June 28, 2013

A wedding in June

On June 21st, Ashlie and Dal finally got hitched. A wedding we were awaiting for way too long! I seriously love these two. I knew they were perfect or each other since High School, and it's been so great to watch their relationship grow! I was so lucky to be able to attend the sealing in the Mesa LDS Temple, and also, the family dinner the night before. It was a quick fun-filled weekend, and I'm so thankful Tanner and I were able to join them.

I love these girls! Missing Min and Riss!

Ashlie's nephew Thomas ^^ love that chunk!!!

Now we are enjoying our favorite time and week and hours of the year in Carlsbad! 


June 17, 2013


Before I start, I'm about to punch Blogger for not letting me have clear pictures! They're from my phone, but I've never had this problem before!

This weekend. 'Twas a good one. Tanner, my wonderful husband surprised me with Tim McGraw tickets! I had been calling in radio stations, looking up deals, anything for us to try and get cheap tickets. He has taught me to become frugal....

Anyways, I received a text on Tuesday, informing me that he bought, "Timmy tickets!". I was so ecstatic, and SO surprised. Don't get me wrong...he surprises me a lot. But, not with concert tickets! We were so excited to go, and the night was just great! We met up with our friend and his new girlfriend (she's darling), and jammed out the whole night! Never have I ever seen so many drunk people in Utah, it was hilarious.

We decided to listen to the last song from the parking lot, which was a good thing, because the freeway was merged to two lanes! It took our friends 2 1/2 hours to get home! We're the smart ones! :)

He's going to kill me for that one....but my future dentist is Dr. McSteamy and McDreamy...wouldn't ya say?

As I said before...I think I did?...My boss's house is in the Utah Valley Parade of Homes, so I took a break and the family drove around to about 6 houses! I love that stuff. We were looking in the bathroom, and came out to Soph laying in the bed! How could anyone get mad at that cutie?

Sunday was Father's Day, and we are going home this weekend to AZ for Ashlie's wedding. I was going to surprise him, and Brooke, and her fam, but somehow my dad found out! I thought he would be oblivious to when the wedding is...but he interviewd the cute couple, so..my plan failed! I'm excited to see him, and the rest of the family though! My dad is one funny guy, and I just love him dearly.

Primary was so hyper on Sunday for some reason, so we sang the whole time. That is little Mia next to Tanner, and she absolutely adore's him. She just wants to hug him all day long! Who doesn't? :) This is her singing like a mouse..it was the cutest thing!

June 13, 2013

Las Vegas and such

I promise we are alive, and doing well. I guess we've just been having too much fun!! :) This past weekend we went to Las Vegas for our friend's weddings! Ryan and Tan served together in Florida, and we just think they're the cutest! Ryan's house is amazing, and the reception was just oh so beautiful! I love going to weddings! I can't wait for Ashlie's next week! EEK!

We left Friday afternoon, and got to the church at 6:31, so we changed in the bathrooms, and were set for the wonderful rehearsal dinner! Tan and I are pretty large people, and we sat in the back of Kyle's Audi, with black seats, and the air stopped working on our drive. It wasn't too fun! Luckily we each had a nice hotel room to go back to, and we didn't have to pay! :)

We hit up the strip that night, to go to serendipity, but it was CLOSED! So the boys pigged out at in n out! On Saturday, we went to the beautiful sealing in the Las Vegas Temple, and it was SOOOOO HOT. Remember when the air went out? Well that drive was literally the worst drive i've ever participated in. Seriously thought I was going to die. Tanner was dripping sweat. It was so sick. And, with the windows opened, it just felt like a hot blow dryer. YUCK. So, we stopped at AutoZone and picked up some Freeze On, in hopes it would cool down. It started working, but it wasn't feeling too great. Anyways, we cooled off at the hotel, and went down to Serendipity for some Nachos, and a carrot cake sundae! Delish. I love nachos. As of lately, I've been wanting to go back to our favorite BBQ place in Park City, because they're divine! So, since I saw Kim Kardashian ate them once, we thought they'd be fantastic! Not the best...but our sundae made up for it! Our check however, did not! :)

Hi- this is so extremely blurry? But this is Brynn. I love her. And her cousin married Ryan! It was great to party with a high school friend again!

Tanner has an awesome picture of the view, but I didn't get it from him yet! Why do iPhone pics look so gross sometimes? 

Sunday morning we were able to go to church with my sister Kodi and her family, minus Mia..she wasn't feeling good! Luckily we were able to go back to their house and see her! They are moving today to go back to Palm Springs area, so it was good to see them one last time in Vegas! It's sad we won't be able to stay with them anymore!

Vegas was a success, it always is! I think just leaving 30 minutes from your house is what makes for a great trip! These next couple weeks are going to be fun...I can't wait to hit the beach! Working in an office has made me a pasty white chick. No fun!