May 23, 2013


On Friday we went to the Olive Garden (still using wedding gift cards-booyah!)

I sent this picture to brim since she's in Italy... Sometimes I'm funny

We saw a horse? He literally was standing on the seat, stretching out to the car next to him, and the lady didn't even notice! Scared me so bad!!

Saturday we went to the Riverwoods, and walked around a little homemade market thing, and a wedding market convention outside, and got lots of free stuff! 

We then all went to gelato in honor of our brim babe. We miss you!

Sunday we had a birthday dinner and a surprise dessert party for shell!

The cake a made.. It was reallllll yummy. And I made cookies n cream ice cream! Mmmm!

Tuesday was her birthday.. So great full for that girl and our long relationship!

We went to Texas Roadhouse on Tuesday again for the birthday girl and to say goodbye to min! She will be serving at the salt lake visitors center! Don't worry we've already planned to have lunch:) I will miss that sweet girl! 

The skies have been just stunning lately. 

Tanner is home in CA for a funeral this weekend, and I already miss him. I seriously am so boredddd!!!


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  1. stalking you....sorry im not sorry! but i hadn't seen this for some reason and i am feeling so honored! thank you much!