May 27, 2013

Nothing to Write About

I feel like we (as a couple) haven't been that interesting lately. I actually told Tanner, we need to be more interesting-I have nothing to blog about. But, the fact is, that we've had one of the best weekends together! I think it was great for Tanner to com home to me! A really great idea. I get oddly scared at night. Like it was a ball-fest over at the Z home while he was gone. Call me immature, but I just need my protector. There's seriously just something so comforting having him here with me.
Luckily, I was able to spend every hour with Shelley, (thank goodness!) but I seriously hated going home after the day to a dark house. That's what made it so worse. Oh, and the fact that Tan left his pants on the couch in our bedroom, and I popped up thinking it was someone sitting down. I'm a freak.

I am already planning the Christmas Party for work, so all day Friday I was all over Salt Lake looking at venues. I felt like a REAL event planner, it was so fun, I seriously love it. So, I took a quick nap in the airport parking lot before picking my love up (all of the lack of sleep freaking out I was going to get kidnapped), and I was parked RIGHT in the sun! This is such an odd, side note, but I just hate waking up so hot. It makes you so groggy, and just weirded out. I got out and did some jumping jacks, haha, and then was able to finally see Tan, after 50 something hours...I'm a joke, but I surely missed him!

We finally saw 42 that night, and it is sooooo good! We were debating between that and Gatsby, and I'm glad we are saving Gatsby for the dollar theatre (#newlywedlife) for the mixed reviews. It seriously was fantastic. Such a good story line, I mean obviously, it's true...but the actors were great too! I loved it.

Saturday, we slept in, went to the gym, took my car to get it oil changed, had a putting/chipping competition with Scott, and his brother Peter for some $1 ghetto, and I mean, behind a secret wire fence ghetto taco stand, mmm, and then chilled at the pool, and did some laps! Then, we got dressed up, and went to good ole Cafe Rio. We love dressing up for dinner, I mean, why not!

Sunday we had fun with our sunbeams, made a yummy dinner, for just the two of us, and took a beautiful drive up the canyon! Today, we enjoyed our day off, with the gym, homework, hair tie orders (thanks to everyone has bought some!), and a BBQ with the family. Nothing better. Although, I complained about not going to the pool, but I'll survive....I guess.

I have a feeling this is going to be a great week, at least that's how I'm going to make my week be! And good news, we head to Mesa for Ashlie's wedding in 23 days, then the week after that, go to Carlsbad, then 2 weeks later, go to Newport. I'm getting a little too excited...maybe that's why I'm being so positive and in a great mood, because my work weeks go by fast! Hopefully I didn't curse it...

(A picture I got back from my MIL)

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