May 13, 2013

Hi I'm still hereeee!

Where do I even begin? My life has been a crazy, back-to-back party filled week. Let's go back to not last Saturday, but the Saturday BEFORE THAT. Yes, I'm a major slacker. We went with some friends to the Cheesecake Factory, and Tan and I went a couple hours before, to run some errands, and spend time alone together! I love walking through the mall hand in hand, it's just something I always treasure!

We then went to Scheel's and rode the Ferris Wheel inside the store! We arrived right at closing, but they still let us go! It was so fun!

After we had all of that fun, we went back to Kyle's families' house in Draper, and played games, and ate crap!'s not like we didn't just have cheesecake! We played "blindfold karaoke", where you blindfold yourself, and use noise canceling headphones, so you can't hear anything. You then start playing a song, and blast it, so only you can hear the song. Then, the people around you can't hear the song, they just hear you singing off tune! It's seriously a tear, peeing, blast!

Sunday was Cinco De Mayo, and our friends invited us over for a Cinco De Mayo party! I was asked to bring a dessert, so I made churro cupcakes, and topped them with fried tortillas rolled in cinnamon sugar! :)

We even had mexican sodas!! 

Monday we had a salsa making contest at work, it turned out real great!

Jump to Friday, and I had our Casino Night. It turned out fabulous, and everyone seemed to have a great time! No, Tanner and I didn't win any of the amazing prizes that I won, AGAIN, but it will come sometime, I hope!

The blonde is Melissa, my "boss", but more like my friend. I started out as her Personal Assistant, and now since I'm on the Marketing Team, I'm not at her house as much, or focused on her as much. So, I miss it, because we have a great relationship. But I love her! She's someone I truly look up to.

Now to Saturday, the last party of the week. Ashlie came up for her final dress fitting, so we threw her bridal shower in Utah! Here are some pictures of how I decorated. With a teeny condo, and a stressful week, I think it turned out ok.

We had classic chicken salad croissants, yummy cupcakes that Shelley made, some fruit and dip, strawberry kiwi juice with fresh strawberries in mason jars, and some circus animals! :)

Just bein a chef.

The adorable Bride-to-Be answering questions for the question game!


We were lucky enough to join Ash as she picked up her dress, and tried it on for us! Man, it's a stunner. She's just always been so unique, and she used some fabric and lace from her grandma, as the belt, and it's soooo different, I would have never even thought to do that. I can't wait for the June 21st wedding!

Sunday we had dinner at Whit's house, and we took the scooter. It's so nice outside, we were thoroughly enjoying the ride! We went on an adventure, and look at these Deer in the orchard!

The sunsets that night were to die for. I really enjoy where we live, and the fun I'm able to have with my best friend everyday.

Until later...hopefully sooner than later! I'm determined to be good!

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  1. You are seriously the cutest thing ever and I COVET your job! Seriously, dream job. Love that your life is going so fabulously!!