May 14, 2013

Hair ties

So, we've all seen the adorable hair ties that come in all sorts of colors, glitters, patterns, and they're supposed to magically not dent our hair, right? RIGHT. I have fallen in LOVE with these hair ties. They're perfect for at work when I do my hair that morning, and want it out of my face, and off of my back 2 seconds later. I throw my hair in a pony, and I can take it out whenever I want, and It'll still look good as new! I neverrrrrr thought they'd fit in my hair, because I have a lot of it. But, after a few stretches, a few "wearing them as a pop of color/accessory on my wrist", they totally stretch out (but not too much) and they're perfect! I have a neon pink that I wear so much, I can practically tie it around my pony 3 times! That's a miracle in itself people.

Anyways, getting to my point, I wanted to buy some of these magic elastics, and make them for myself. But then I figured why not sell them for super cheap, because everywhere else they are pricey! So ladies and gents, hopefully more ladies, than gents... I give you... hair ties!

I am selling them for $1, or 5 for $3. If you are interested in placing an order, please email me at rylee{dot}zylstra@gmail{dot}com

I apologize for the pictures...

Skinny Glitters: Black, Pink, Teal

Neons: Pink, Yellow, Lime, and Orange

Navy Grey, Turquoise, Tiffany Blue, Mint, Light Blue, Royal 
(It really is royal even though it looks purple)

Violet, Grey Purple, Crimson, Fuschia

Blood Orange, Peach, Pale Peach, Raspberry

Yellow, Hot Pink, White, Black

Gold, Bronze, Brown, Cream, Tan, Silver

You really will love them, they add a spiciness to any outfit, and I send them anywhere! :)


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  1. Um I don't know about these! Send me a picture with it in your hair! I want some!!!