April 5, 2013


April Fool's comes and goes, and I rarely ever do a trick. If I do, it's an obvious one too! I was sitting at work, realizing Tanner didn't play any trick, which he is really good at, so I decided to text him, and act like I took a pregnancy test. I know, I know. Right when I did, I realized how stupid I was. You hear this all the time not to play that trick. But then, I was like, he will read it, realize the date, and laugh!
Well, 2 hours passed by, with no response. So, I didn't want to send another text joking around, or apologizing, because he had a HUGE Chem test on Wednesday, so I didn't want to disturb him. I just assumed he laughed and didn't have time to respond.
I was wrong...read below.

Yep. I ran to the elevator, ran to my car, called Tanner hysterically crying, and apologizing, because I felt SO unbelievably bad. Did I seriously just do that to him? He was probably so stressed, and un focused on his test, I am the worst wife EVER.
All I heard was laughing.
Yep, I got fooled, on my own fool. He knew all along. I couldn't believe it. Did I seriously just feel bad? He is SOOOO mean!
Wellllll... I guess it was time for me to get a taste of my own medicine!
Let's just hope I don't get prego anytime because of my stupid decision! :)


  1. HAHAHAHHAHAHahahah OH my heck I'm dying. That was hilarious. I'm so happy I know about your cutest blog. Sadly now I'm going to spend 9,000 hours reading every post you've ever written. Oh well:) I'm happy about it.