April 2, 2013

E • A • S • T • E • R

Easter weekend was a very great time for the two of us. I just love looking at where we were the last year, and it makes me so happy I have all of eternity left with this man!

We had Scott and Brim come over for some pork quesadillas, and egg dyeing! They got the dye, but of course no one wants to spend money on vinegar, because no one uses it! So our colors were very "pastelly", but they turned out great! And Brim came prepared with glitter glue! Booyah

We never get pictures together...It was a great attempt right?

Easter morning I made Monkey Bread, eggs and sausage, and I really want to start developing our traditions for holidays and such! So, I love Monkey Bread (who doesn't love rolls drenched in butter and brown sugar?) So I decided this was going to become our Easter Tradition!

We then went to church, and took our cute sunbeams on a Egg Hunt, and gave them delicious Pastel M&M cookies a made. They were on a sugar high to say the least!
I was also very proud of my bow I made for my Easter outfit, and I've worn it twice more this week! :)

BYU Basketball made it into the semi-finals at Madison Square Garden, in NYC, and all of Tanner's family went, except for us. Very depressing. Tanner's never been, so I wish we could've gone, but we will get there, and soon! Right babe? :)
We took his sisters to the airport to meet his parents (they drove through the night to make a SLC flight, because it was THAT much cheaper! Crazies!) We were then lucky enough to go to our good family friends' house, the Williams, in South Jordan, have a delicious dinner (it's always nice to take a break from cooking, go on an Easter Egg Hunt, with money filled eggs, cheesecake for dessert, and games!

Now, if we can just get through this week, (huge Chemistry test for Tan, and math for me) we get to spend the weekend in SLC with my parents for conference. Can't wait for our staycation!! It's needed. 

What did I bring to dinner?
Rylee's Favorite BLT Salad

Romain Lettuce
Bacon- Precooked, and broken up
Tomatoes- Diced
Wagon Wheel Pasta- 1 Box cooked (If can't find..use big bow tie)
Also great with avacado, and chicken pieces!
Vinegar- 1/4 C (ended up we had to buy some of that dang vinegar!)
Mayonnaise- 3/4 C
Sugar- 1/4 C
Salt and Pepper
Mix Together well and Keep Refrigerated until ready to use
Toss ingredients together right before serving, top with dressing, toss, and enjoy!
--I never use the whole dressing! You want to add, toss, add, toss, etc.

Like it says, it's one of my favorite salads. Because of the very light, and low cal dressing (i joke) it seems very light. I gave this to our Young Women's recipe book when I was maybe 13, and I seriously loved it. I remember suggesting it to my mom and eating it on my way to dance! Now, I love adding avocado, and chicken, and having it as a meal! Anyways.. enjoy! :)

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