April 15, 2013

a little bit of lately

Tanner and I are trying to finish out the semester, with wonderful finals. I swear, they always sneak up on you! It doesn't help that I have 2 huge events I'm planning for work. Stress gets you through the day, yeah?

Brock (Tanner's brother) is graduating this year, so the family is coming in town, and going to a fancy dinner at the end of the week is what I'm looking forward to! Oh, and that we are taking a quick trip to California that weekend! Although we won't be spending time at the beach (sigh) we are going to Tanner's cousins' wedding in Santa Barbara. We will be driving most of the days, but we all know how much I love weddings!

Speaking of weddings, one of my dearest, and best friends, Ashlie, and Dal got engaged! These two have been meant to be since High School. I seriously am SO ecstatic they are tying the knot! It's going to be the most beautiful wedding, ever. June 21st is going to be a fabulous day!

Look at her pretty ring! She's always loved/had such dainty things, and they're so perfect on her little fingers! Stunning!

Love them.

Conference Weekend we were lucky enough to stay in Salt Lake with my parents, in our OWN hotel room, holler! We haven't done that since our honeymoon, and it was so nice for a lil stay-cation! We loved snuggling in our bed, and having a tv right in front of our faces! We went to Ruth's Chris, provided by the rents, and the crab was the most expensive thing on the menu! My dad just asked for some..never looked on the menu, ouch. We had 2 extra tickets to Sunday afternoon, and 1 to Priesthood, so Brim and Scott came to join us! It was fun! We loved shopping till we dropped, Chick Fil A shakes, Lion House rolls, and lots more junk food, that I shouldn't have consumed of! I love going to conference, and I'm so  lucky and thankful my dad gives us tickets every year!

This week we have been married for 6 MONTHS! What?! Where did the time go. It's been some of the hardest, yet happiest, best months of my life. It's crazy when you look from your second month, until the sixth month. I don't count the first month, because you're just too giddy to care. You really start to learn about each other, and learn how to care for each other's needs. I love it, and I love Tanner. He's my best friend.

Ok, sorry for the sappy post, whatever.

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