March 29, 2013


Last night, as I was laying to go to sleep, next to my sleeping Mr. Z (he can fall asleep in 2 seconds...I've always envied that), I was reminiscing about last year. This beautiful weather reminded me of last Spring Semester, when I would come home from school, blow dry my hair (since I never wash and do my hair in the morning), with the window open, listening to Pandora, and waiting until I heard Tanner's music from the old black Tahoe down the street. I knew he was almost home! I would stare at his car until he got out, he would look up, blow me a kiss, and I would finish getting ready. Whoever was ready first, would go to the apartment, usually it was Tanner and Scott coming to my place, and we would go get dinner, etc. Spring at King Henry was the best. Not that I miss single life, at all, but I do miss the atmosphere of living with a bunch of friends, walking to their houses, and everyone just playing volleyball, watching movies on the grass, and playing music. 

Tanner and I were lucky (it was hard too) to live right by each other for Spring. Not that we ever lived far before, but this time, the tiny parking lot separated us, and we could yell to each other whenever we wanted! It was just the greatest time. Right before the stresses of being engaged, and planning a wedding, we were just enjoying life, and spring, before he moved back to CA. I would never trade anything in the world for where we are right now, but last night was just fun to remember. I love trying to remember a certain smell. I have had multiple deodorants, that for some reason, ALWAYS remind me of the 4th of July in Carlsbad. I guess I always forget mine, and use my moms or something? I don't know. But I love remembering those sweet smells, and memories, and reminiscing on how life used to be. It's just one of my favorite things.

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