March 22, 2013

Just Some Relief

Soooo, I'm in this class. And, I always laugh, acting like it's so stupid, to people when I tell them about it. At UVU, it's called Stress Management Hardiness.

For those of you (mom, since I have one reader!) who know me very well, you know I like things very organized, and my whole day, week, and month have to be planned out. And, when plans get changed, sometimes my feelings get hurt. This is how I've been my whole life. I'm a planner, hense the love for Event Planning, and I have everything written in my planner. I'm not great with some birthdays, but if I want to do laundry one day, I write it. If I have a gym class the same day every week, I write it every day instead of just remembering it. In High School, I would plan out the weekend, when it was just Monday. I'm sure... (I KNOW) this bugged my friends. I'm sure Tanner gets bugged with it now!

Little did I know, taking this easy, elective, recommended for UVU students, would have any impact on my life. The first day, I decided to change my aspect on life. I get stressed super easily, for stupid reasons. For example, last weekend, I was taking pictures for one of the Loan Officers' 5K at Axiom, and then I told Tanner the errands I wanted to do, and the things I wanted to get done at home after. Whitney, his sister, called and asked us to go with her to Fashion Place, and we jumped at the opportunity, since I needed to go to the Apple Store (more on that later). As we were driving, I was thinking, when will we be home? I need to do laundry. Now we have to eat out for lunch too, we were already planning on going to Happy Sumo tonight. I need to do my homework! Then, I took a deep breath, and decided I couldn't do anything about it. I knew I would have time for all of these things, I was already in the car headed to the mall, I was going to have a fun day with my family!


Things I've learned in class:

-That exercise that I did when I felt myself getting stressed. We can't do a thing about the situation, so just enjoy it!

-Laughing is good for you. Did you know it's a form of Cardio? Truly, it really is! And, in class, we spent 15 minutes laughing at YouTube videos. Laughing makes you happy, which in result makes life happy, and good!

-Exercise makes you happy, and relaxed. Totallllly true. I don't care if I'm doing something to really truly lose weight, but Yoga has helped me this week greatly. I have been able to relax, meet new people, and I felt different, and good about myself, eventhough I didn't  lose 10 pounds! It just felt good to get out! At work, a group of us girls take daily walks, or walk the stairs, and it really helps all of us take a second, get some fresh air, and get away from the computer. It's nice!

-Did you know that when you get home from work or school, you should sit down, throw on the TV, computer,t  whatever, but take 10-15 minutes to yourself, before you start a new project. I've been trying to do this, this week. Trying to just sit on the couch for 5 minutes before I start dinner, it's relaxing!

-This class has really helped me become more positive in my life. At least, I've been trying.

Source: via Haley on Pinterest

This is one of my all time favorite quotes, and pictures, from Pinterest, obviously. It's so cheerful!

I'm just thankful for a class that has made me learn more about myself, than I ever thought I could!

**Holla to US Air for sending me a $250 check to replace my laptop screen, that got a spiderweb crack, due to making me check my bag last second. I definetely fought for that one. So glad it paid off! :)

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  1. Sike, you have another reader. This is the epitome of my life! I'm seriously the exact same way. Thanks for posting, it helped me re-think my week- that's for sure. Love ya Ry!