February 20, 2013

L O V E <3

Valentines day was the best one yet. We didn't exchange gifts, but we went to a lovely nice dinner at La Jolla Groves at the Riverwoods, saw Safe Haven (can't remember the last time we saw a movie we paid for) ps, that's my favorite movie right now, came home, and had some delicious made from scratch carrot cake! I was impressed with myself to say the least.

Friday night, we went on a temple date at mt. Timpanogas temple, and it was absolutely gorgeous. Man, they all are, but I love going to new utah temples! We then went to Fashion Place for a little returns, and to CPK for dinner, and they had a valentines special! Appetizer, two entrees, and dessert for $30! Score!!

Saturday, we cleaned, took clothes to platos closet, and spent the day together, before I flew home to AZ.

Our valentines lasted the whole weeken d and it was my favorite. I love my man. So much, he's my best friend.

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