March 7, 2017

A Tropical Baby Shower

This past Saturday we threw a tropical baby shower for our friend Melissa. I'm not sure anyone wears pregnancy better! She's such a babe at 36 weeks pregnant, its unbelievable. 

Melanie and James were kind enough to host this in their lovely home, and their natural light kills me every.time! There was great food, great company, cute baby onesies, but my personal favorites were the bartenders, along with the the custom mix DJ JZ made for us!

"Chad the dad"!
doing some ring tests to see if the wives tale works
after party

I sure hope we can make every baby shower a Tropical Paradise, because this was fun!!

Photography: Melanie Zelnick Photo
Invitations: Morgan Bench
Letterboards: letterfolk, and
Large Pink Balloons: Amazon
"Bebe" Letter Balloons: Oh Shiny Paper Co
Palm Leaves: SF Flower Mart
On the Menu: Hawaiian sliders, fruit, Mandarin Orange Salad, Bob's Donuts (the palm leaves were cut out of a green poster board, and secured with a thick tooth pick), drink bar

March 1, 2017

"Over the Hump"

Tanner is officially half way done with Dental School! We were able to go to a Prom night sort of thing that they call "Over the Hump". It was hosted at the Grand Hyatt in Union Square, and we got to start the night on the 36th floor watching the sun go down. It was fun to dress up, and boogie on the dance floor with our friends. We feel so lucky to be surrounded by such great people, and I know they will be some of our lasting relationships.

can't wait to smother these 3 babies with auntie rylee love!!

February 27, 2017

Latest Favorite Tunes

Back in October I decided I would make a playlist of my favorite songs of the year old and new. It's been a fun playlist to listen to (especially on long drives since it's currently 7 1/2 hours long). You can listen to that playlist here: 24

My dad's birthday was yesterday, and I decided I would make a playlist of all the songs that I grew up with. It was fun to reminisce, and I know I'll continue to add more when I hear old tunes on the radio! That one can be listened to here: Born in the Wrong Decade

I have two playlists I need to make this week, one being a workout playlist (because I haven't found any that I love, and I need to find a different song to do push ups to besides "It's Goin Down for Real"!!) And also a tropical/vacation playlist! I'm always looking for good music, so if you have any suggestions let me know!

Also, did you watch the Oscars last night? My favorite performance by Justin Timberlake - he never disappoints, and I don't think I'll ever get sick of that song!

Emma Stone was amazing in La La Land, and I think she was best dressed! I also wish she and Ryan would just get married already!!

Image result for emma stone oscars

Happy Monday!

February 22, 2017


Hey! I sure have missed sharing my thoughts, life adventures and everything in between! Instead of catching up since September (that's embarrassing) I'm just posting a recent picture that I love of us. 

2016 was one of my hardest years, and a hard year for the both of us. It was filled with every emotion possible. We experienced some of the happiest times, and also felt lots of heartbreak. I couldn't be more thankful to have this man by my side to experience every up and down through this roller coaster of life! Looking forward to starting fresh this year (even though February is almost gone..?), spending time together, and enjoying where we live for our last year and a half! 

Tanner is officially half way done with Dental School, and that feels wild. I always say I can live somewhere for 3-4 years no problem, but now I realize that 3 years in an awesome place actually goes by very quickly!! We feel blessed to live in a building with 2 of our best couple friends, and are trying to hit every bucket list item with them before they leave us. :( We live for the weekends, and will hopefully have some fun things planned in the upcoming months before summer hits. It will be crazy to start "real life" in a year and a half, and have all the schooling over! (except for me...I'm still chuggin along!)

This most recent weekend was President's Day weekend, so we both had Monday off (hallelujah)! We drove down to LA and Newport Beach for the weekend and spent time with family, and were able to visit with our some of our best friends the Bench's and Mier's. We ate good food, got to do 4 loads of laundry for free (!!!), went whale watching with 15 foot waves, enjoyed endless s'mores, and even got treated to a pedicure! We've been getting hit with crazy rain so it wasn't the sunny weather we were hoping for, but anything is fun when we are together.

Hoping to be better about documenting our life again, but in the meantime I'm listening to this playlist, and reading this quote


September 15, 2016

Visiting Point Reyes

I'd had the Point Reyes lighthouse on our Bay Area Bucketlist for some time now, but I never knew the town and surrounding areas would be so cute too!!

We went on a Saturday afternoon with the Fabrizio's, and the drive was longer and windier than we all thought. We stopped at In N Out on our way, because when you see one close you just have to take advantage! 

The cutest little town!

On our drive to the lighthouse we saw the Point Reyes shipwrecked boat I had read so many things about. The water had built up some muddy area that MarLeice and I didn't dare jump over, but of course the boys did.

Once we finally made it to the lighthouse we still had to walk a while, and THEN take the 300 steps down (yep, they're all numbered). Funny thing... we heard a couple people saying, "Wow! It's so crazy how much harder it is on the way up".... you think?? It was a pretty, and windy view, and it was cool to be able to go inside the lighthouse too!

I have always had a fascination with ranch animals, especially with cows! I definitely made us stop to take pictures of those cute little guys! I couldn't get over how bright white the babies were!!

Really wanted to milk these poor engorged mamas!

At one point I started running towards this cow not thinking...just wanting to get a good pic, and Tanner had to yell at me (nicely of course) to be careful and not get charged at haha!

On our drive up we saw this awesome Buddha mural that people were standing in front of. Tanner promised me we could stop on the way back and he always keeps his promises! 

It was a very fun and exciting day exploring with friends!